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Through our tried and trusted web hosting, we can offer your cheap, reliable, fast, and super secure web hosting. We do it all for our faithful customers, not just for profit. That's how we can offer such great services, but at the same low cost as worse alternatives. We were founded based on the idea that you should pay what web services are worth, and not a penny more. Price also shouldn't prevent a person from getting found online.

We truly value our customers. We are partially ad-supported for now, but if we get enough donations we'll dump the ads. However, if you don't wish to donate, we simply adk you to not use adblock on our site. We won't force you, but we do need to support ourselves and Innonetlife. We thank each and every one of you who contributes


As a gift to you, everyone who donates over $100 will receive a surprise. Email us for more information

But we need your help. We can't do this alone.

Support us today to help out the new web hosting provider for the masses. We accept donations through PayPal as a subscription(see below), a one time donation by sending to [email protected], or a one time donation through here


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