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About LunaOS

Innonetlife is proud to bring you lunaOS, the latest and greatest custom ROM for Android device everywhere. Based on Android Open Source (AOSP) android version 9 (aka pie), we bring you the best optimizations with the latest software. We do not bundle all the bloatware you are used to. Google play services are entirely optional, and the source is available on GitHub. Built to be gorgeous and give the user maximum choice, you are sure to love it. A gorgeous interface, the best apps. What is not to love?


Fully control the lookof the interface with Substratum fully integrated

Full Root Access

Fully control every aspect of your device. Not comfortable with it? Turn root access off

Magisk Integration

Full integration with Magisk gives you access to the wealth of modules available, all without the risk of bricking your device

Aroma Installer included

Install your favorite mods with ease

Lightweight by design

Designed to be light on resources, even a budget device will have no problem running lunaOS

Free of Charge

Always free and open source. Source is at GitHub. We ask for donations at here

How To Install LunaOS


It is currently in development, be sure to check back soon!


Our ROM is best experienced after a clean flash.


Simply flash via fastboot, and you are done


App Screenshots

Our Contributors



Zeeshan AJ

Chandan Kumar Mandal


Maanush Putcha

Enes Sastim


Bigbeefbaby H


Kamal Solomon

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